Trans Universal
Combat Ordnance

About T.U.C.O.

With 75+ years of collecting experience the professionals at T.U.C.O. understand what makes the collector tick.  We know collectors are searching for quality items at the best possible prices and we promise our clients to find the best mix of quality and value.  As we are collectors no one is more suited to serve your needs than an agent from T.U.C.O.  Work with us and you will be working with a staff dedicated to making you happy.  We feel YOUR sale is the most important deal we are working on.

The members of T.U.C.O. have had longtime experience with artillery pieces, tanks, armored vehicles, and small arms.  This experience has been hands on with design, work, and maintenance being done by staff members mainly in regards to tanks, APC’s, and weapon's systems. With a background of over 20 years in such work this experience pays off for the client as with T.U.C.O. the client knows just what they are getting. They can count on our past expertise and experience. Few can offer this sort of hands on past work experience to their customers.  Our past duties is also an advantage in regards to our inspection services as this insures your item is inspected by true professionals. A large purchase is always scary to collectors so one should use a company that is there to make sure your dealing is trouble and worry free.

The world is our shopping grounds: With offices and agents in the United States and in Finland T.U.C.O. can handle dealings from all over the world.  Our connections worldwide bring military collecting to our client’s doorstep.  Let us find the prized items you wish to add to your collection as our company will do the hard work for you.  You can contact us directly stating your wants or you can check out or listings to see what we might have in stock.  T.U.C.O. is dedicated to the collector as we are collector’s ourselves.  We are the perfect combination of professional and collector.  No one will work harder for you than an agent from T.U.C.O.