Trans Universal
Combat Ordnance

We Are Buying

We are always in the hunt for new items to add to our inventory.  If you have an item you are interested in selling direct please do not hesitate to contact us. Those of us that run T.U.C.O. are professionals and will treat you as a seller in the proper manner. We will pay a fair price in a timely manner and for the right piece we will do what is needed to make a deal take place.

Interested In Purchasing:

Tanks –

We are very interested in buying WW2 vintage tanks.  T.U.C.O. is also actively buying tanks made by the Soviet Union such as the T54/55, T64, and T72.  We also are interested in other Soviet Bloc tanks as well as tanks from China.

Armored Vehicles And APC’s –

All sorts of armored vehicles are being sought.  Be these older armored cars or more modern items, we are interested in what you have for sale.

Military Jeeps, Trucks, & Other Vehicles-

All military transportation items are of interest to T.U.C.O.  We buy and restore all types of military surplus items and are interested in hearing from you.

Military Optics-

Binoculars, range finders, trench periscopes, trench binoculars, rifle scopes, artillery sights, and other military optics are bought in bulk by our company.  We can turn your optics into cash.

Miscellaneous Military Hardware –

As we have a wide range of customers seeking all sorts of military gear, we are interested in a variety of military goods.  Items such as field kitchens, tents, surplus issue items (in bulk), radios, radars, and other like items are of great interest to us.

Artillery, Anti Tank, Anti Aircraft & More-

We trade in artillery pieces from all eras.  Artillery is one of our mainstays and we are constantly looking to add new pieces to our inventory.  Cannons, howitzers, field artillery, coastal guns, anti tank, and anti aircraft pieces are all items we will buy.

Inert Ordnance-

We buy and sell quite a bit of inert ordnance.  The ordnance must be inert as we can not handle live items.  Ordnance from artillery, anti tank arms, and other such systems of high interest.  

Military Aircraft-

We buy and sell military aircrafts be these planes or helicopters.   Our interest is in all eras and all nations.


Buying or trading for mortars from all eras, of all calibers, and from all nations.


Other Odds & Ends-

We buy all sorts of military gear so if you have items for sale please feel free to contact us.  Almost no item is too large or too small so do not hesitate in letting us know what you might have for sale.