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What Can I Buy?


What Can You Buy?

As we often are asked by our customers "What can I buy?", we have tried to answer some of the more common questions that come up.

In many nations tanks, artillery, airplanes, mortars, and other items are classed as non weapons if properly demilled.  Demilled in most cases means the armament has been altered to where it can no longer be made to fire.  As laws from nation to nation can vary you must contact us to confirm what is legal in your nation.  Owning artillery, airplanes, armor, and like collectables is an exciting and interesting hobby.  We do our best to fit the collector’s item to the collector so contact us today.

The ordnance we sell is inert so can not be made to fire but in some nations the laws regarding the buying and selling of this ordnance is controlled. This means that in some nations the sale of inert ordnance is not allowed.

We are bound by the laws of the nations we make sales to or in; as such if an item can not be legally sold in your nation do not bother asking.  Our company makes only legal sales and follows the laws set forth in various nations. If you have questions about what is legal in your nation we can assist so please feel free to contact us with any questions.